Universities across cultures are the podium of research and creativity of knowledge. And the present state of human knowledge available to the human mind across the globe is a prelude to consultation and creativity based on research from diverse backgrounds on scientific research and analysis, development and acquisition. City University gives emphasis on new research initiatives in the form of a research journal titled as; City University Journal (CUJ). It has published to shed light on current Business, Engineering, Legal, Literature, Language and Social issues with that philosophy in mind, aiming to showcase outstanding research papers of our teachers and students.

City University Journal (CUJ) is a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to Contemporary Research in the areas of Arts, Social Sciences, Engineering & Technology, and Business Economics & Management Sciences. CUJ publishes reviews, original research papers, and short communications recording original research results on, or techniques used with an emphasis on recent development and innovative research papers. Papers will be selected on the basis of the importance of the new knowledge and innovation. The paper must be in adequately finished form, and should not be deficient in information as to the materials and processes used. To maintain high-quality publication, manuscripts that appear in (CUJ) archive section have been subjected to a rigorous review process by a prestigious academic reviewer’s team from different renowned universities and research institutions. The Journal publishes peer reviewed papers.

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